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After my first wife passed away (cancer) I was in my late 20's, going back to college to finish my student teaching. It was a dark, lonely time. Worse, it was summer on campus, so there weren't many other students there. I was living in a dorm with maybe two other people. But the college ran some type of summer science camp, and for a few days, we had about 20 science majors staying in the dorm. I found myself sitting on the couch, late night, watching TV with this girl, Stephanie. Who happened to be engaged. Who kept putting her head on my shoulder and flirting with me.

When we finally turned the TV off, we stood, I held her hands, and I said "I like you a lot," and she said "I like you a lot, too," and I said "...and I'm sorry that you're engaged." And she smiled, she let out a little sigh, and we went in opposite directions, back to our rooms, and she had a little bounce in her step.

Getting involved with someone who is engaged is an extremely stupid idea and I'm glad I didn't. Around this time, I wrote the piano intro to "Confused" as a little piano piece. In those days I didn't feel much like singing. But I really liked the piano piece. And over the years, I sort of wondered what would have happened, if I'd let it. About 5 years ago, I combined the story with the piano piece and wrote "Confused." In the song, I jazzed up the story to be more interesting. I have no idea how her engagement really was, but she was flirting with me, so it couldn't have been that great.


You told me how bad you'd been treated
You told me so I would get closer to you
You told me about how he cheated
And now I believe that it's probably me that's been used

We were two lonely people
With nothing else to do
And you relied on me darling
So I'm confused...

It's hard to believe you were lying
It sounded so bad, the engagement you had
You told me how he wasn't trying
And you'd be the one who would end it before you got hurt

We were two lonely people
With nowhere else to turn
And you relied on me darling
You'd think I'd learn...

I know that I must sound ungrateful
But Saturday night you were nowhere in sight
They said that you'd gone back to his place
And they said that you left with a smile on your face, and I thought...


from Every Single Day, released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Richard MacLemale New Port Richey

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